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Fat Brick Designs

What is a "Block to Block"

  • The "Block to Block" is a portable design wall for anyone that loves to quilt, sew, applique, do English paper piecing, crafting, will find all kinds of uses for it.  What does it do? you ask. 
  • It allows you to have an eye level visual of your project.  When looking at your project, block pieces etc.,using an optimal visual field you are able to see your work in a way that eliminates reliance upon peripheral vision and depth perception.  Your eyes are naturally able to see better with less strain and fatigue.
  • This optimal visual perspective helps you to better see what adjustments you may have to make to your seams and intersections eliminating errors and maximizing your time, which helps get each project completed faster.   More quilting in less time!
  • It is perfect for auditioning fabric for your quilt blocks, applique, fussy cuts and for teachers without leaving your work area!  Maximize your creativity! 
  • The "Block to Block" is constructed from a form of PVC and has a flannel front.  It folds in half for ease in storage or travel.  It is 18" x 18" and comes with a money back guarantee.