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About Us

The company name came about several years ago when my grandson was 5 or 6 years old.  I dragged him out with me shopping for fabric at all our local fabric stores.  He was so patient and well behaved until he just couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Nana, can we go somewhere that I like?"  I replied, "Sure Sweetie, I just have one more fabric store to go to."  He asked, "Nana, what's a fat brick?"  I never forgot that and decided that we should be "Fat Brick Designs".  That being said, I want my customers to know that I appreciate every purchase and will go out of my way to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the products we sell.  Everything is made in the USA in Lynnfield, Massachusetts by yours truly and a small team of worker bee's.  One of the worker bee's (named Carol) has been the hands on my back pushing me to not give up.  It has taken three years of hard work with many prototypes, patent applications, finding venders to supply the materials and to get a product that I am proud to present to the world.  Not bad for an older woman!!  I hope that you will see the value and purpose in the "Block to Block" design wall and purchase one for yourself and maybe one for a good friend like Carol.